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The reason that publishing your book with Bobbin is an incredibly pleasant and rewarding experience is thanks to our founder, Michael Martin.

He wrote every word in this page. So, if this Origin Story is an intolerable read, try not to be too hard on him when you tweet about how much he’s canceled.

To start: Michael believes it’s too weird to refer to himself in third person so he will stop.

Not a real book. Just a fun mockup.

Michael Martin

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I’m probably a lot like you:

If you want to publish a book and you want to do it fast;

if you want to own your book;

if you want to earn 100% of all the royalties;

if you want complete creative control;

and if you want the best professional book expertise that money can buy—Bobbin is your only choice.

These principles were founded way back in the really distant past, long ago, far, far away in the year 2018 when Bobbin was born.

Chapter One:
Tequila Shots!

I owe you an apology.

Yes, you, dear Reader.

We should link up and I’ll buy you a drink for all the trouble I’ve caused for you. 🍻

I’m not sure why I left Bobbin Media hidden for so long, not marketing it and telling the world how amazing and easy publishing a book can be, while at the same time how effective and rewarding being an author can be for your career.

I suck!

And you should be pissed (not really, but I’m trying to make a quick point).

What Bobbin offers should have been available years ago.

Like before you and I were even born.

Let me tell you why.

Authors have always contributed tremendous value to the world.

Our books crystallize ideas, make us see things in a new way and create understanding of who we are as a people, where we are today and where we’re going.

Society needs that.

Yet, writing has never been a lucrative career for authors because the big publisher’s only make decisions for the short term.

They pass on their losses to the author in the form of low royalties and advances that are basically a bet on your anticipated failure as opposed to it being a prediction of your great success.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is take upfront money and bet you’re going to fail.

Because the day you become slightly successful, you’re going to wish you never signed that document at all.

Don’t believe it because I say it.

Observe their actions for yourself:

With traditional publishers, you must write what they want you to write, not what you want to write.

And also, you must write slower, do fewer books, and often contracts will keep you from writing for anyone else in any genre and any series.

Not kidding.

With traditional publishing, you will make no more sales than you could publishing the book indie, and actually in a few short years your indie sales will pass any possible traditional publishing sales.

And you will not be able to trust the traditional publisher’s royalty statements every six months.

Their accounting systems are stuck back in dial-up phone land.

Not kidding.

Traditional publishers will never show you the books or give you any information that will help you in your negotiations.

Authors have no idea how profitable they truly are to publishers.

Traditional publishers take all your copyright for the life of your work, and often will buy your characters, worlds, ideas and concepts if you are not super careful.

Not kidding.

You can’t negotiate with them on this, especially if you went begging to them with your tin cup manuscript in your hand.

Plus, it takes forever to sell a book to traditional publishing, often if you count the agent time, rewriting time, and publishing time, three to five years from writing the book to it being published.

You sell a book tomorrow to traditional and B&N goes down before your book is published, you are done.

Chances are your book will never be published, but they will own and keep all the rights to it anyway.

(You signed the contract, sorry.)

The next time you hear about an author getting a $1m dollar book deal, ask yourself,

“What did that author give up for that?”

Then ask yourself,

“How is that million dollars distributed?”

Because it’s not likely she’s walking out of the publisher’s office with a duffel bag full of cash.

But that’s what the headline’s will say.

The truth is, Authors provide a significant amount of value and take on a lot of risk.

We’ve all been tricked to believe the opposite: that publishers provide all the value and take on all the risk.

False! Tricksy hobbitses!

This belief has caused authors to become the most unappreciated people of the entire publishing industry.

… 🤔 …

Again, not because I say it.

My conclusions are based on how authors are actually treated by the establishment of traditional publishers.

For the record, I don’t hate traditional publishing.

Many of my colleagues are currently doing great work in that realm.

So, I’m not saying publisher’s don’t deserve their cut.

If they’re genuinely investing the time, money and resources into the development, distribution and marketing of your book, they should get a percentage and share in the profits.

But should they own and dictate everything across the board for life?


Unfortunately, they do. 😡

This has always pained me because there’s never been another way of publishing books.

Until now.

Bobbin has brought empathy for authors back!

Not as sexy as, well… bringing sexy back.

But our authors have found that with Bobbin’s human approach to publishing, magical things happen.

Our authors enjoy a surge of creativity as they achieve more creative freedom which leads to them publishing more books, faster.

Authors don’t usually see that, and when they do, harps play, angels get their wings, and the microwave pops every kernel of popcorn, perfectly.

All joking aside, our authors end up feeling heard and understood and cared for.

Not feeling invisible or seen as just a number in an assembly line of books like in traditional publishing.

Or stressed, overwhelmed and lonely like in typical self-publishing.

This reframing of our beloved world of publishing leads to authors writing much more powerful books which raises the author’s profile, increases their authority, and generates new opportunities.

And that leads to life-changing events like boosting of your self-confidence, a thriving social status and some impressive long-term wealth.

I’ll drink to that!

Chapter Two:
Demon Hunter

Alright, so before you read any further…

You deserve a heads up so that you’re making the best use of your time.

The Bobbin Origin Story is a tale told in SIX chapters of magic, mystery and mayhem.

Chapter 2 (this chapter) is the longest, most passionate and emotionally powerful one-ring-to-rule-them-all.

Then, each next chapter is shorter than the last.

You can even use the menu dots on the right to jump around the text if you’re the type that likes to spoil the ending of the book first.

The point is, this Origin Story is unlike every other boring and bland “About Us” page you’ve ever seen.

It’s a roaring adventure!

And it demonstrates the many quirks that make Bobbin different from all the other evil (ok, maybe not evil, but not as good) other publishing businesses.

You may even grow a little more impressed as you dive deeper and gain insight into the reasons we LOVE helping authors like you turn your dream of publishing a book into a reality.

And to make it even more worth your while, I promise to be somewhat entertaining in the telling.

You never know, I may even bare the deepest, darkest, most embarrassing and cringey parts of my soul.

(Not so subtle foreshadowing.)

Now, let’s get into it.

Bobbin started out as Author Academy—a coaching and mentoring program I created for writers in mid-2018.

As a writer myself with a decade of experience in writing lots of stuff and things, I offered my peers the kind of help and mentorship I never had access to.

At Author Academy, I personally coached writers of all skill levels and genres to achieve their publishing dreams because when I first started writing fantasy novels in 2007, I didn’t have a mentor.

I didn’t have anybody to help me figure this writing thing out.

In my early years, I did what everyone else does:

I read dozens of books on the craft of writing.

I binged watched hundreds of YouTube videos and podcasts.

I read a ton of great novels.

I wrote a couple bad novels that I’m glad will never see the light of day.

I joined a bunch of writing forums to connect with like-minded writers.

I connected with critique partners and beta readers.

It took months.

It took years.

And I learned so much!

Then, I started to make progress.

And finally, I wrote something I felt was worth publishing.

A fantasy novel called Burn in Hades, self-published in 2011 (you don’t have to read it).


I had to put my writing on hold because life got in the way.

I wasn’t making any money.

I was genuinely poor. Living on welfare in the crime and drug-infested inner city of Baltimore, MD.

And my family wasn’t supportive of my passion to write.

(That’s a lie. Mom was supportive. But only her.)

The rest of the family pushed and pressured me toward a traditional 9-5 career path.

My writing suffered. 😫

I bounced around a few crappy jobs until I found one I genuinely loved.

In 2013, I began working on cruise ships, which seemed to offer me lots of freedom to write in my “spare” time.

And I sincerely feel lucky that I was being paid to lounge on a beach all day.

By all accounts I had it good!

Really good!

Too good.

Which sucked.

Because unfortunately, it was a gift and a curse.

See, the lifestyle of leisure lacked a sense of urgency which zapped my creativity away completely.

I’ll admit. One part of me just grew lazy.

I should’ve held myself more accountable.

When I had the time to sit down and write, I shouldn’t have just waited for inspiration.

But another side of me genuinely lacked motivation because my mind was being stimulated in other ways.

I completely abandoned writing which lead to some low self-esteem, loss of confidence, negativity and eventually depression.

The kind of depression where I would cry a lot, seemingly for no direct reason.

Ya know, I’m on a private beach in the Caribbean.

The weather is perfect.

Clear blue water.

White sand.

Happy music is playing.

I shouldn’t be sobbing.

But I was an embarrassing mess.

Something was missing. I had a hole in my life and paradise wasn’t filling it.

At that time, I didn’t attribute this depression to my lack of expressing my creativity through writing.

That realization came much later.

In hindsight, I discovered that I need to write in order to not go crazy. I need to write just to get things off my mind with no plans to publish it.

But subconsciously, I had felt like a failed writer destined to work at jobs I hated for the rest of my life and would never pursue my passion.

And look, I’m not saying any of this to get you to feel sorry for me.

Spoiler alert: Somehow I found the will to pick myself back up and eventually gave birth to Bobbin.

I’ve hunted those demons down, ganked them and now I’m 1000% in a better emotional place.

I’ve only since cried for obvious reasons.

I just need you to understand that I know that you might have a similar story of hardship.

Of course, your details will drastically vary as they’re super specific to you.

Your background might be more or less severe.

But deep down, we’re not so different.

Maybe writing really isn’t your strength.

You might lack confidence or feel overwhelmed by the publishing process.

You might be a busy professional who doesn’t even have time to write a blog post, let alone a whole book.

Your family keeps growing and changing, and every time you think you might be able to put some time aside for your book, something comes up.

Whatever it is…

You just haven’t been able to make your book happen.

Where do you even begin?

You know you have a book in you.

You’ve been on a journey, one with many twists and turns, and you’re proud of how far you’ve come.

You’ve achieved wisdom and learned valuable lessons.

The story you have to tell will resonate with anyone who has longed to accomplish what you have, or who is seeking guidance on her own journey.

After all you’ve lived through and learned, you have something vitally important to share, a story that will inspire, encourage, and transform others.

You have insights that will speak to readers’ hearts and souls.

You imagine your book in the hands of a reader eager to discover the wisdom only you can share.

But you’re starting to realize that, if you keep trying to go it alone, this book’s never going to get written.

While yours is a story only you can tell, you may need help writing your book.

I understand more than most people because, as a writer who has struggled, I’m biased toward caring for authors.

So, I’ve made it my mission to help other authors avoid the trials and tribulations I went through as much as I can.

I’m not Superman. I can’t save the world or solve every problem.

I just feel like I need to do my part.

I’m willing to invest the time, effort and resources into helping authors alleviate as much of the pain, struggle and difficulty that comes with writing and publishing a book.

I just personally feel that if I had someone to guide me through the writing process—a support system, it would have made a tremendous difference.

I would have grown so much faster and it would have helped me avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls that every writer faces.

More importantly, I wouldn’t have had to waste time doing things I didn’t enjoy and I would have spent more time doing what I love, which is writing.

Instead, I learned through trial and error.

And it took forever.

And it didn’t have to be that way.

Chapter Three:
Dumb, Lazy and Not Trying Hard Enough

I decided to change my life and got real quiet.

Meaning, I stopped telling people about my goals. And just did it, like Nike says.

At the tail-end of 2017, I left cruise ships, moved to NYC, started Author Academy and began coaching writers while working a day job at a college of performing arts.

I also started to earn income from ghostwriting for busy people who lacked the time to write the book themselves.

Ghostwriting was much more lucrative than coaching fellow writers.

But coaching fellow writers felt slightly more rewarding. Mostly because we shared similar hardships.

We bonded and connected over our struggles.

And while juggling between coaching and ghostwriting, I’d met many incredible leaders in the publishing industry who had different kinds of struggles that they were fighting to overcome.

Many of these professionals currently, or had previously, worked at the Big publishing houses.

Many of them are bestselling authors and award winning editors.

And they had chosen the path of freelancing because they truly want to help authors.

But they feel as though they can’t make as much of an impact within the money-hungry, short-term-sales-driven, corporate and bureaucratic world of the traditional publishing industry.

As freelancers they have the beautiful opportunity to work only on projects that excite and inspire them.

That is the single best quality an author can hope for in their editor, coach or designer because you’ll get the finest and highest value possible from someone who’s just as enthusiastic about your book as you are.

For these publishing professionals, it’s not just a paycheck.

It’s a purpose.

Quickly, I became the “host” of the “publishing party” who casually connected Friend A to Friend B.

I’ve linked together aspiring writers with established editors; award winning book cover artists and illustrators with upcoming self-publishers; innovative marketers with small presses.

And everything in between.

My biggest challenge was finding a way to help frustrated entrepreneurs who dreamed of getting their ideas out of their heads and into a book.

See, as a ghostwriter, my job was only to write the book manuscript—no publishing, no marketing, no distribution, no book cover, nothing.

You’d have to pay for all that separately, from different places.

I’d kindly guide and consult these authors through the publishing process and referred them to experts for next steps.

Yet, every single professional politely nudged, hinted and sometimes outright asked something along the lines of:

“Can you just do it for me?”

It wasn’t that they were dumb, or lazy or weren’t trying hard enough.

They were very successful, intelligent and had done incredible things, all of which required a lot of hard work.

They were simply crazy busy with their business and didn’t have the time to think about outlines, chapter breakdowns, spelling, grammar, structure, copy-editing, font-size, spacing, book cover design, marketing, etc.

And since ghostwriting was my comfort zone at that time, I didn’t want to think about that stuff either.

Truth is, I was the one being dumb, lazy and not trying hard enough. 👎

Chapter Four:
Mmm, Nachos

Publishing a book is a lot of hard work.

It’s needlessly complicated, difficult, and painful.

But for me, it’s fun to play in the dirt.

Selfishly, I enjoy providing value to authors.

That’s why I became a coach.

The reward is in the help I can give. No matter how little.

Yes, that’s super cheesy. But it’s so sincere that I travel around with a bag of Tostitos.

Ya know, because of all the 🧀 …

Ok, that was the lamest joke anyone has ever said in the history of jokes.

Sorry for pushing your patience.

Moving on.

Ultimately, I realized that it just makes zero sense to teach a Financial Advisor everything I knew about the publishing process unless they had the time and enthusiasm to learn how to DiY.

It made tons more sense that I just solve their problem.

So I did.

Chapter Five:
Avengers Assemble

I created a system in which authors could focus on what they loved to do, while I did all the busy work of managing the publishing process for them.

But this time I was not alone.

Remember my freelancing friends?

Allies, who are far more talented than me, have swooped in to help because they care as much about books, authors and readers as I do.

And these remarkably wonderful people are truly super heroes.

The tribe at Bobbin is basically The Avengers—a dynamic network of New York Times bestselling authors, writers, editors, designers, marketers and other publishing insiders who have spent at least a decade working in books and publishing.

And many of them are highly decorated—Pulitzer Prize winners, Emmy nominees and winners, and National Magazine Award winners.

And not only does Bobbin save them from spending time finding clients, they also don’t have to spend any time negotiating their pay, arguing over scope of work, getting clients to actually send the check, endless “one more change” revisions, etc—none of it.

Instead, Bobbin handles that.

Our professionals only have to focus on defeating Thanos–writing or editing or designing or marketing, whatever is their expertise–nothing else.

They now have an unlimited number of really great authors and interesting books to pick from.

And they get to work only on the projects that excite and inspire them.

This model provides authors like you with the support and resources of an entire company to help you create the best possible book imaginable.

Which makes for happier published authors, high-quality published books, and delighted readers!

It’s about time we get rid of all the downsides and frustrations of the old conventional way of publishing.

Hulk smash bureaucracy!

Chapter Six:
The Knitty Gritty Plus A Kitty

So, like where exactly did the name Bobbin come from?

Well, let’s take a trip down metaphor lane…

In the sewing industry, a “bobbin” is a tool that helps create the stitch which joins things together.

The bobbin’s job is to spin the yarn.

(Our logo features a ball of yarn in the form of a cute little sheep).

Sailors of the early nineteenth century were the first to use spinning a yarn to refer to telling a story that described a speaker’s adventures and exploits.

Thus, we are Bobbin.

An established and experienced group of various publishing professionals who teamed up on a mission to stitch together the expert knowledge of professional authors, writers, coaches, editors, book designers, and other publishing professionals.

Our tribe helps you spin yarn a.k.a. we help people share their awesome adventures, we help to unlock the world’s knowledge—we help people tell their stories.

Sounds good!

But I must confess…

I kinda forced this metaphor.

See, names are hard.

And in the early days, before I had landed on the name Bobbin, I had no idea of what I wanted to call this new assisted self-publishing business.

I knew for certain that a name with only two syllables felt right somehow.

Think Apple or Google. Disney.

So, at some point, during a fit of frustration, I just chose the word bobbin at random without knowing the actual definition.

I literally pulled it out of thin air.

I wasn’t familiar with crocheting, knitting, or sewing in any way, shape of form.

Bobbin just sounded right to me.

So, it wasn’t until after I had looked up the definition of the word “bobbin” that I was able to draw the correlation between the purpose of the sewing device and how that connected with what I wanted the business to represent.

Me being way too deep of a thinker, in addition to being a Universe hippie, I just reverse engineered an allegory to make the symbolic narrative fit.

And magically, it all came together. Stitch by stitch.

Bobbin was born.

And we are tremendously excited to help you become the author everyone LOVES!

Early Readers who love your genre will read your draft and help you turn it onto a polished manuscript that you’re excited to hand to your editor.

#1 New York Times bestselling authors turned Book Coaches will help you craft a beautiful book that will deliver a powerful emotional experience to readers, many of whom will become devoted fans of you and your work.

Award-winning Editors will help you publish a high-level professional book, and make sure it is absolutely the best possible book that you’ll be proud to show off to the world.

Book Cover and Interior Designers will ensure your book looks and feels professional, and will be admired on bookshelves and Instagram feeds.

Book Marketers and Publicists will give your book a high-level marketing and promotions strategy so that your book has the exposure, impact and reach it deserves.

We care about authors.

We care about books.

We care about readers.

And we are waiting to help you make your dream of publishing your book and becoming an author a reality.

Together we will help make the world a better place because your book is in it.

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