Bobbin Professional

Our flagship service. We interview you to get your ideas out of you, in your words and your voice. We do the writing, editing and publishing.


The Bobbin Professional Program is the optimum professional self-publishing program designed to give you the best publishing service available and ensure your book has the reach and impact it deserves.

This program is designed for nonfiction authors who want to publish a high-level professional book, but need to make sure it is absolutely the best possible book.


Money Back Guarantee
Custom, Flexible Payment Plan

What's Included in Bobbin Professional?

Our Professional Package is everything you need to get from a finished manuscript to a professionally published book.

Completed Book Manuscript

  • Your ideas, correctly structured and positioned into the best possible book
  • Comprehensive interviews to get all your ideas out of your head and into a book that is in your words and your voice

Published Book

  • A beautifully designed cover and interior layout

  • Full coordination of all publishing details (ISBN, bio, description, etc.)

  • Hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats included

  • You retain all rights and ownership of the book


  • Full printing services, with the ability to order unlimited copies at production cost (with an initial 100 copy gift from us)

  • Full distribution through major online retailers

  • You keep 100% of royalties

First Week Promotions

  • Authentic Amazon reviews secured prior to book launch by sending advance copies to likely interested readers

  • First week promotion to become an Amazon Bestseller

  • A full press kit for your book

  • A full set of social media posts and graphics

  • We send 25 promotional copies to people of your choice

  • A scheduled podcast interview on you and your book

  • A complete case study on you and your book, done 6 to 9 months after your book is out

  • Our Head of Author Marketing helps you do a full marketing plan for after launch, and we provide a complete marketing course to walk you through everything you have to do

Cheyenne Wilson Author

Bobbin opened my eyes on how to reach my target market! I am excited to make the suggested changes to define my brand and bring it to life!

How the Bobbin Pro process works

We have a proven, proprietary process that will get the best possible book out of you—but be entirely your ideas, in your words, and in your voice. The entire process typically lasts 7-8 months if the author stays on schedule.

1. Book Strategy Consult

The first step—before you begin your book—is to make sure you actually have a book in you, and determine whether our method is the right one for you.

  • Your book idea
  • The audience you’re trying to reach (and how your book will serve them)
  • The objectives you hope the book will help you achieve (like making money with a book, or using a book to build your brand)

Note that this is not a sales call. This is about determining whether you have a book in you and whether our company is the right fit to help you write it.

Our process does not work for everyone. If we determine that we’re not a good fit for each other, we’ll happily refer you to a service or company that can meet your needs.


3. Assemble your Publishing Team

To begin the process, you’ll meet your Publishing Manager. They’re your main point of contact and will assemble your creative team.

Your Publishing Manager’s primary job is to ensure that your book is as good as possible and publishes on time.

On the introduction call they will get to know you and your book idea to collect enough information from you to match you with an editor.

Our Editors all have decades of book writing experience and range in experience from former Executive Editors of major publishing houses to Emmy Award-winning writers, high-ranking political speechwriters, Editors-in-Chief of national magazines, and bestselling authors (we even have an editor who won a Pulitzer Prize).

When pairing editors with authors, we look at two key variables:

Q. Are they excited to work with this author on this book?
Q. Do they bring anything to the book that might help the author?

We answer this question more in-depth in our FAQs.


3. Lighthouse

On your first call with your editor, they start creating the “Lighthouse” of your book.

This will be similar to the Book Strategy consult call, but will go into much greater depth and accomplish these things:

  • Specifically articulate what your book is about
  • Define exactly who your audience is
  • Understand precisely how your book will serve that audience and why they will care about your book
  • Specifically articulate how you will use the book to benefit you


4. Road Map

Once the book is properly framed in your Lighthouse, your editor will create a Table of Contents and Book “Road Map.” The Road Map will be a guide for your interviews and will help you define your ideas, sharpen your thinking, and lay the foundation for your book.

Sample questions to expect while building the Road Map:

Q. What does your audience need to understand?
Q. Are there steps to get them there? What are they?
Q. What stories and examples do you have to support your points?


5. Interviews

The interviews represent the “meat” of your book and get all of your content, stories, and knowledge out of your head and onto a recording.

These calls are exactly what they sound like: your editor will get on the phone with you for 90 to 120 minutes and interview you about a section of your book. This usually happens over the course of about 4-6 calls total, and you can expect to talk through 1-2 chapters per call.

Note: You’ll see the written pages of these calls almost from the beginning of the interview calls. These Preview Pages allow us to progressively refine the voice and tone early on, so that your full manuscript, once it’s written, reads and feels exactly the way you want it.


6. Voice Review

Your editor works from the transcripts to translate your spoken language into a beautifully written manuscript that will resonate with your audience.

In addition to the Preview Pages mentioned above, they’ll write a single chapter and go over it with you to make sure they’re nailing the right voice. Once you and your editor work through and agree on this chapter’s voice, your editor will finish the rest of your manuscript.


7. Book Editing

From there, you will do one full round of revisions on the entire manuscript. This usually entails you reading a few chapters at a time, making notes, and doing a series of calls with your editor to go over your revisions.


8. Book Design

Our Creative Director (who’s designed the covers of dozens of major bestsellers) will personally oversee your book cover design.

You’ll begin by doing a call with her, where you both discuss cover ideas. She will then do a design brief, and oversee the design of the cover. You’ll see comps and will have final say over all design decisions.

Our design team will also design a professional interior for your book to ensure it has the look and feel you desire.


9. Publishing & Distribution

Your publishing manager will work with you to determine your distribution goals and retail channels. If you want the broadest distribution possible—Amazon,, and as many international platforms as possible—we’ll provide the best options for you, handle all account and file creation, and make sure your book is prepared for launch.


10. Marketing

As you finish your editor interviews, you’ll have a consultation call with an Author Marketing Manager. They will help you conceptualize your marketing goals and create a concrete plan to help you achieve them after the book comes out.

After the call, they will send you your custom marketing plan, as well as free access to our Bobbin Book Marketing Course.

As the book’s release approaches, we’ll prepare for your book release by designing social media graphics for you to post, drafting emails to send to your contacts.

When the book launches, we’ll run a pricing campaign on Amazon to spur initial sales, during which we’ll coordinate a review campaign to get early reviews for the book. We’ll launch an email campaign to your contacts, release your book through email lists we have relationships with, promote your book on social media and social news sites.

The goal of this first week is to finish with a baseline of reviews, readers, and media attention to continue building from—with the advice in your marketing plan—as you begin your life as a published author.

Let Kevin Hart and
Gary Vaynerchuk
Explain It

Watch Kevin Hart hilariously explain
how the Bobbin book interview process works

Watch Gary Vaynerchuk explain
how the Bobbin book interview process works

Who You Might Work With

Stephanie Land


Helped Gary Vaynerchuk, Leila Janah, and Lori Greiner.

Lindsay Newton


Helped Isabel Allende, Alice Walker, Neil Gaiman, and Kevin Hart.

Rachel Cone-Gorham


Former Penguin Random House Executive Director, Digital & Social Marketing. I love helping authors find their audience!

Aaron von Freter


Original designs representing famed artists such as Guns N Roses, Marylin Manson, Chris Stapleton, A Perfect Circle, G-Eazy and several others.

Who should use Bobbin Professional?


  • People with a finished manuscript

  • People who are writing non-fiction books

  • People whose books fall within the broad genres of business or personal development or something at the intersection of those

  • People who are willing to invest the time and money necessary into quality

  • People who want to write their book but don’t have time to do it themselves

  • People who want to write their book but don’t like the act of writing


  • People who don’t know why they want to write a book


  • People who don’t care about the quality of their book



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes…but probably not in the way you are thinking.

Bobbin Media is self-publishing in the best sense: you have full creative control of your book, you own all the rights for your book, and you get all the royalties. It is the business model of self-publishing, with the support of traditional publishing.

When people ask, “Is this self-published?” what they tend to mean is, “Is this an unprofessional, amateurish book that you did without any help?”

To that, the answer is obviously no. The books we have done and the authors we have worked with are of the highest caliber, so clearly self-publishing can be very professional. You’re hiring us for that exact reason—to ensure that your book is as professional as any on the market.

Big difference. The most important difference to you is that with us, you completely own your book. With traditional publishing, they own your book. They take all your copyright for the life of your work.

“Traditional publishing” refers to the New York publishing houses that operate with a royalty based book model. If they decide to sign you to a book contract (which is very rare), they pay you an advance and own all the rights and royalties to your book. They do the work of publishing and distributing your book, but that’s it. They do little to market your book, and they provide no support while you write it. Plus, you must write what they want you to write, not what you want to write. Traditional publishing used to be highly prestigious, but now they mainly make money off the platforms that other people have built by monetizing their audience.

Bobbin is an entirely different approach to books—almost the complete opposite. You pay us for our services, and you own all the rights and royalties from your book.

Furthermore, we do everything a traditional publisher does, and a whole lot more. We not only help you write your book, we invented an entirely new process to turn your ideas into a book through conversational interviewing. We help you market your book, and we can even provide full platform support if necessary.

It boils down to the fact that there are only a limited spectrum of people for whom traditional publishing still makes sense, and for everyone else, they should use some form of professional self-publishing (like us).

In normal situations, the publisher of your book is Bobbin Publishing.

That being said, you don’t have to use Bobbin Publishing as your publisher.

Because of the way our structure works, we can essentially create a new publishing company for you with any name you like. It’s completely up to you who the named publisher of the book is.

Today, the publishing imprint doesn’t have the same impact as it once had (and whatever impact that might’ve been is debatable).

One of coolest things about self-publishing is how authors are now like musicians in the respect that audiences are fans of their favorite bands, and not their favorite record label. In the same vein, readers pour over the words of their favorite authors, and not their favorite publisher. And in general, audiences have no idea which publishers put out which books anyway.

Readers pay little attention, if any, to the publisher or the imprint of the books they select. Factors like cover appeal, description, and reviews carry far more weight than the publisher’s name, particularly a smaller imprint that’s not widely recognized.

Authors tend to focus on who publishes a book only when it’s their book. And it’s because they desire to feel a sense of prestige, reputation and stature. And they think a “big-league” publisher will provide that. It won’t.

Mostly because that’s an internal, self-fulfilling kind of emotion that no external person or company can deliver to a human being. It comes from within.

Meanwhile, your reader only cares about one thing: Does the book bring me value?

Our goal at Bobbin is to make sure your reader’s answer to that question is a resounding, “Hell Yeah!”

It will be the connection you’ve developed with your reader (not your publishing imprint, nor Bobbin) that will produce those feelings of esteem, appreciation and meaningfulness you seek because you brought your reader value.

Writing the best possible book is the only metric that will lead to the prestige of publishing a project of true quality, the social status of having the admiration of readers, and the reputation of being a bestselling author.

Yes, you’re the sole author of your book, and it’s entirely in your voice. You are the only one contributing the ideas, the knowledge, and the content to the book.

All we do is help you with the parts of book writing that you aren’t an expert at; positioning, structuring, etc.

We’re able to do this because the book is literally created entirely from interviews with you—there is no other voice it could be but yours.

Simply put, hiring a ghostwriter means that your book will not really be your ideas in your words. With the Bobbin process, your book is entirely your ideas and your words.

Ghostwriters start with your book concept and a few of your ideas, then create a book using their own words, tone, and voice. It won’t sound like it came from you, because it generally doesn’t. In essence, a ghostwriter writes a book, and you pay them so that you can put your name on it. It’s not really your book.

With Bobbin Elite, your book is authored solely by you. The ideas and words and content are entirely yours and are in your voice. We put nothing in your book that did not come out of your head and your mouth. We like to say that we help you translate your ideas into a proper, professional book, but all meaningful parts of authorship are yours, making you the sole author.

The two other differences are these:

  • Ghostwriters give you a manuscript, and they do nothing else. We do it all—including full publishing and distribution.
  • A good ghostwriter is much more expensive than our process (good ones usually run about $100k just for the manuscript only).

If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then you need to hire a ghostwriter. That way the ghostwriter can do the research and write a book that makes sense, and you get to have your name on it.

The coolest part of the Bobbin Elite process is that you end up working with some of the very best editing and ghostwriting talent in the world—you just do it through our systematic and defined process. Many of our writers are former ghostwriters, but they love working with us (and our authors), because with us, they are able to avoid most of the problems that freelancers have: finding good clients, negotiating terms of the deal, collecting payment, limiting the scope of the work, etc.

Our systematic process is actually better for authors and for freelancers, because it creates a clear set of expectations and deliverables, a defined workflow, and ensures there is a trusted third party—Bobbin—to monitor everything and ensure that it works. Our roster of freelancers includes Pulitzer Prize winners, Emmy Award winners, bestselling authors, bestselling ghostwriters, etc.

This creates a three-way relationship where everyone wins: you publish a great book, the freelancer gets paid well for work they enjoy, and we make a profit by coordinating the whole exchange.

There are three goals of the marketing that’s included in our package.

First, we manage the logistics to run an Amazon Bestseller Campaign that focuses on maximizing early sales, reviews, and rankings, all to build the foundation of early credibility for your book’s long term success.

Second, we support you in promoting the book to your connections by creating social media graphics for the book, crafting a book announcement email, gifting free copies to your friends and family, and creating a strategy for you to get the support of influencers who you know.

Third, we help you lay out a long term marketing plan to keep the early momentum going, and ensure the book reaches your long term goals.

By the end of the first week of your book release, your book should have Amazon bestseller status, a burst of early sales, a baseline of reviews, awareness among your network, and you should have a plan for how to continue to leverage it going forward.

No, we cannot just work with anyone. We typically reject about 20-30% of authors who want to work with us. There are two criteria we use to decide which authors we’ll work with:

  1. Does the author know the subject matter of their book deeply enough to write a book about it? Our process works very well, but only if the author actually knows what they’re talking about.
  2. Does the author have a clear and understanding of how books work, and reasonable expectations for ROI? This means there needs to be a purpose behind writing the book.

That’s why the first step in our process is a qualification process. If the result you’re hoping for is unrealistic or impossible, we can’t work with you, because there’s no way for us to win. Even if we do a great job and we nail the book, you might still be upset because you didn’t reach a goal that was impossible to begin with.

Is there anyone that shouldn’t use Bobbin Professional?

Yes, definitely. Here is a partial list of the types of people who are not a good fit for our process:

  • If you’re a fiction writer, please note that the Bobbin Professional package only works for non-fiction.
  • If you’re a nonfiction writer and you don’t know your topic well. If you want a book on sales, for example, but don’t know anything about sales, then we can’t help you. You’ll need to find a ghostwriter.
  • If you aren’t sure how a book can help you.
  • If you have no idea at all why you want to write a book, what it will say, or what goals you’ll achieve by publishing it, then we are not a fit. Our process requires an investment—of both your money and your effort—so you should have an idea of why you are doing it.

We offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not blown away by our programs and the structure, we’ll gladly refund your payment. This is unlikely (check out our testimonials!), but rest assured that you’ll get your money back if you’re not totally satisfied.

That said, we are not guaranteeing any specific outcome directly or indirectly attributed to this process. Great books can go unnoticed, and terrible books go on to be bestsellers all the time…Life is strange that way.

Our goal at Bobbin is to give your story the strongest legs possible to run a competitive race in the commercial marketplace.

We just want to help by giving great content, direction, and strategies.

Yes, definitely. Here is a partial list of the types of people who are not a good fit for our process:

  • If you just write for yourself or just for fun and your own enjoyment (a hobbyist)
  • If you write fan fiction
  • If you want your book idea affirmed and seek blind praise
  • If you aren’t open to criticism or being told that something is in need of further work
  • If you’re a nonfiction writer and you don’t know your topic well. If you want a book on sales, for example, but don’t know anything about sales, then we can’t help you. You’ll need to find a ghostwriter.
  • If you aren’t sure how a book can help you.
  • If you have no idea at all why you want to write a book, what it will say, or what goals you’ll achieve by publishing it, then we are not a fit. Our process requires an investment—of both your money and your effort—so you should have an idea of why you are doing it.

This is an interesting question and one to think about before you go any further.

When we want a new house, we hire other people to build it, don’t we? We hire other people to decorate our houses, too. We hire them to landscape our lawns and to paint our walls. They install our carpeting and our bathroom tiles.

We generally get the credit for this sort of stuff. When friends and family visit, they ‘ooh‘ and ‘awe‘ about our taste in decorating or about our new carpet, even though they know we did not do these things ourselves.

That’s because most people understand that, to be done right, such work requires a unique set of skills and talents. Therefore people with those skills and talents must be hired to get these sorts of things done.

It’s the same with books.

Very few people know how to write a book. Book writing requires a unique skill set—one that goes far beyond the mere ability to write. In order to write a successful book, one must know quite a bit about the book market, the publishing process, and reading habits.

So, what are you paying for when you hire Bobbin?

As much as we will focus on outlines, word count, pages, and spelling, the core of the matter is that what you are paying for is to not have to think about that stuff.

We strive to embody your voice. We pore over hundreds of pages of interview transcripts, looking for patterns. We piece together ideas and build on our client’s genius.

This is reflected in the fact that most of our clients leave the process feeling like they wrote the book—only they typically save more than 300 hours of time in the actual writing process.

The reason you’re hiring us is because you either do not have the time to sit down and write that book, or because you don’t want to deal with the rest of the publishing process.

We know what your readers want to hear from you, we know how to extract the right information from you and we usually have a rate of 64 words-per-minute (wpm) or better, which means we can quickly write that book for you.

This is what you are essentially hiring a service like Bobbin for.

Many years ago, writer Jim Macdonald postulated “Yog’s Law,” a handy rule of thumb for writers about the direction money is meant to flow in publishing:

“Money flows toward the writer.”

This is handy because it will give the writer pause when she has a publisher (or agent, or editor) who says that in order to get published, the author needs to lay out some cash up front, and to that publisher/agent/editor. The author can step back, say, huh, this is not how Yog’s Law says it’s supposed to go, and then surmise, generally correctly, that the publisher/agent/editor in question is a scam artist and that she should run away as fast as her feet will carry her.

But Yog’s Law doesn’t apply in an age where many writers — and some even successfully — are self-publishing.

Yog’s Law takes a pause…

In self-publishing, authors are on the financial hook for the editorial services that publishers usually do: Editing, copy-editing, page and cover design and art, marketing, publicity and so on. In this case, unless the author does everything (which is possible but not advised if one wants a high-level, professional book), money is going to have to flow away from the writer, as she hired people to do work for her.

Once you are self-publishing, you take off your author hat and put on your publisher hat. You are now the publisher, and responsible for all the grim details of the process, including spending money.

But Yog’s Law kicks back in again…

In self-publishing, money and rights are controlled by the writer. And when the work is out there in the world, Yog’s Law continues to apply.

There are 3 super important things you get when you self-publish that you lose when you traditionally publish:

  • 100% Creative Control. Write what you want, when you want. As it should be.
    • With traditional publishers, you must write what they want you to write, not what you want to write. And also, you must write slower, do fewer books, and often contracts will keep you from writing for anyone else in any genre and any series. Not kidding.
  • 100% Royalties. You get all the monies! As it should be.
    • With traditional publishing, you will make no more sales than you could publishing the book indie, and actually in a few short years your indie sales will pass any possible traditional publishing sales. And you will not be able to trust the traditional publisher’s royalty statements every six months. Their accounting systems are stuck back in dial-up phone land. Not kidding.
  • 100% Ownership and Retain All Copyright. Your book is yours. Forever and always. As it should be.
    •  Traditional publishers take all your copyright for the life of your work, and often will buy your characters and worlds if you are not super careful. You can’t negotiate with them on this, especially if you went begging to them with your tin cup manuscript in your hand.
  • 100% Speed to Market (honorable mention): Speed to market is critical. And you get to decide exactly when the world feasts their eyes one your indie book.
    • Meanwhile, it takes forever to sell a book to traditional publishing, often if you count the agent time, rewriting time, and publishing time, three to five years from writing the book to it being published. You sell a book tomorrow to traditional and B&N goes down before your book is published, you are done. Chances are your book will never be published, but that hey will own and keep all the rights to it anyway. (You signed the contract, sorry.)

And Bobbin offers all the benefits of self-publishing plus the support of traditional publishing, including:

  • Early Readers to read your draft and help you turn it onto a polished manuscript that you’re excited to hand to your editor.
  • New York Times Bestselling Authors turned Book Coaches to help you craft a beautiful book that will deliver a powerful emotional experience to readers, many of whom will become devoted fans of you and your work.
  • Award-winning editors to help you publish a high-level professional book, and make sure it is absolutely the best possible book that you’ll be proud to show off to the world.
  • Book Cover and Interior Designers who will help your book look and feel professional, to be admired on bookshelves and Instagram feeds.
  • Book marketers who will give your book a high-level marketing and promotions strategy so that your book has the exposure, impact and reach it deserves.

That’s what you’re paying for.

Look, you’re free to make up your own mind whether you want to traditionally publish or self-publish.

Our goal is simply to provide enough value so that you’re in a position to make an informed decision to best achieve your writing and publishing goals.

That’s precisely why you should talk to us before you start—We’ll help you make sure your idea is good enough for a book.

Our process does not work unless you actually have a book’s worth of ideas in your head to start. So the very first step in our process—before we start—is ensuring that you do, in fact, have a book in you.

Not everyone has a book in them, and we’re happy to tell you that, if that’s the case. We only want to work with people who have a good book idea that will be interesting to readers and bring the author a clear ROI.

No. You should call us first, because this is exactly what we do—help you figure out if you have a book in you and what it would be about—and we can and should do that before you decide to work with us.

We will help you understand not only what your best book is, but how it can help you. In the consult call, we will help you figure out the positioning of your book, and help you figure out what your book is about by running you through three questions:

  1. What result do you want this book to create for you?
  2. What audience do you want to reach?
  3. What will the book say that’ll be interesting and valuable to that audience?

This is a super common question we get from authors, though it’s rarely phrased this directly. Author fear is expressed in so many different ways, but it almost always breaks down to “I’m afraid I’m going to look stupid.”

The biggest unspoken fear that almost every author has is that they will embarrass themselves. Literally every author we’ve ever worked with—without exception—has had some version of this fear.

If you have this fear—or any other—you should tell us. We are experts at helping authors understand their fears and work through them. We take the fears and emotions of our authors very, very seriously, as they are core to the experience of writing a book.

We’ve found this to be the case with most authors—they actually have more than one book in them. Someone who has spent a lot of time gaining deep expertise in a field typically has a lot of knowledge that would be more interesting to people than they realize. For the majority of our Authors, the question is not whether they have a book in them, it’s how many, and which one should they publish first.

Our process is designed to help you figure out which book you should do first, and why. We begin by helping you to understand exactly why you’re writing a book, what results you want, which of your ideas will make the best book for you, and how to make it happen.

And note—we do this BEFORE you sign with us and get started. Before you commit to spending a dollar, we want to make sure we’re both a great fit for each other.

It’s fairly common for authors to be a little unhappy with their first draft, because it is common in all writing, regardless of whether an author works with us or not.

In an interview, author Neil Gaiman once recounted a time where he was about 3/4th done with a book, and he called the publisher to tell him that it was no good.

“The characters are bad, everything is trash,” Gaiman said.

At which point the publisher laughed and told Neil, “Do you know you do this on every single book? Just keep going.”

And Neil did, and the book was good.

This happens to Bobbin too! So, we totally get it.

Yet, more than 90% of our clients are happy with their first round of revisions.

But what if—after all the edits and changes—you don’t like your book?

We can’t 100% guarantee your happiness. We are not guaranteeing any specific outcome directly or indirectly attributed to this process. Always be wary of anyone making promises about the future success of your book. No one can predict any kind of turnout or guarantee a bestseller. Great books get passed over just as much as bad books get published.

Our goal is to give your book the strongest legs possible to run a competitive race in the commercial marketplace.

We wish we could guarantee your complete satisfaction. Truth is, some authors opt-in to get their book idea affirmed.

Some authors aren’t prepared to make a commitment to honesty, to digging deeper, to answering our plea to give us more, to take us further into an understanding of what you know and how you came to know it. Some authors would probably be better off writing the book themselves.

But, we will do everything we can on our end to ensure that you get the book you want. If it means multiple editing passes, then we’ll do that. We’ll keep tweaking until it’s just how you want it.

That depends on how you intend to make your money back. The best way to make money on a book is to look at it as an investment that leads to other profitable opportunities, and not book sales.

For example, if you’re a consultant or a coach and a client is worth $50,000 to you, then one client more than ROIs your investment in your book.

If you own a business and you sell a product that’s $150, then you need to sell at least 250 products from your book to make your money back. If your book is used to promote your business, then it is likely that the full cost of its production is tax deductible, which substantially lowers the full investment cost.

If you write fiction, then a film or TV option by one of the many streaming platforms (Netflix, Disney+, AppleTV+, etc.) superchargers your ROI. Streaming services need content to keep their subscribers on their platforms.

The one thing we do not recommend doing is calculating how many books you must sell to make your money back. This is because book sales is a poor measure for ROI.

Professionals see books as general marketing tools, not profit centers.

No, authors do not choose their own writer. That is why you are paying us—to do that.

To begin with, we thoroughly vet and test all our writers. It’s easier to get into Harvard (6% acceptance rate) than it is to work with us as at Bobbin (<1% acceptance rate). Not only that, but our writers have spent at least a decade (usually longer) in writing and publishing, and many of them are highly decorated—Pulitzer Prize winners, Emmy nominees and winners, and National Magazine Award winners.

To assign writers, we have an internal “ask system” that we use to pair up the right writer and Author. Here’s how it works:

We get to know you, your book, and how you work. Then we create a “Project Scope” for your book, and let all 100+ writers see it. They will read it, and the ones who are interested in working on your book ask to be assigned.

They answer two questions: 1. Why are you excited to work on this book, and 2. What do you bring to the book that might help the author?

We review all the bids (books typically get between 5-10 bids), and then pick the one we think will be the best match—95% of the time, this process works great.

But yes, in rare cases, the Author and writer are not a fit. If after working together, they feel uncomfortable or unwilling to move forward with the project, we’re happy to find a replacement writer. Given that every book has multiple bids, this makes it simple to find good replacements.

Unless otherwise stated on the specific product sales page and order form all of our products, programs and services come with an action based 30-day money back guarantee.

To read more about our refund policies, click here.

At checkout you’ll be presented with a few payment options:

Payment Plan Solutions

We understand that not all authors have the money up front to get started with the publishing process and Bobbin offers payment plan options as a service to get our authors into print. We work as you pay and will continue with you throughout your journey. Bobbin offers two payment plan options:

  • Klarna (Recommended)
    Bobbin authors love Klarna because you get the flexibility to pay over time at a rate that matches your finances! At checkout, choose Buy Now, Pay Later with Klarna for smooth payment. No credit card numbers. No passwords. No worries. Learn more about Klarna here.Note: Payment plans through Klarna are only provided for Bobbin Author Academy services. Payment plan options for our Bobbin Elite services, will be arranged during a phone call with you.
  • PayPal Easy Payments
    At checkout, choose PayPal Credit and you can set up a payment plan through PayPal. Learn more about PayPal Easy Payments here.

Non-Payment Plan Solutions

Additionally, we accept all the typical payment solutions:

  • PayPal (Standard)
    Accepts credit cards, debit cards, and direct bank transfer.
  • Stripe
    Accepts credit cards and debit cards.

You book is yours.

You always have full ownership, retain all copyrights and maintain anonymity. We will obtain a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) where applicable.

You own 100% of the royalties for your book.

Although Bobbin Media doesn’t take any share of the book’s profits, there are some costs that don’t go directly in your pocket—namely, Amazon’s fees and printing costs.

For eBooks, Amazon takes 30% of your royalties and you take the other 70%. For paperbacks, Amazon takes 40% of royalties, the printer gets approximately $3 to print the book, and the rest is yours. If you do hardcover, we’ll explain it all before you make any decisions.

No, it actually does the opposite.

When a traditional publisher takes royalties, their goals become focused completely on maximizing book sales, because that is their only source of revenue.

But that isn’t always what best serves the author. For many authors, the goals of spreading their message, giving away free books, getting speaking gigs, or finding clients are more important than the revenue from book sales. So focusing on book sales actually hurts the success of the book.

With this in mind, the best strategy to create a great book—both for you and for us—is to use a service-based model, where our goal is only to create the best possible book to accomplish your goals.

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What authors like you are saying

I have to say that I was originally skeptical about what I would gain from having Bobbin review my book proposal as I thought it was already quite polished. But Wow, was I surprised! My editor’s feedback was so constructive and incredibly detailed. In addition to line-by-line commentary, she sent me a 3-page single-spaced memo outlining the main issues as she saw them - this was a memo I'd expect from an editorial assessment on a full manuscript. She was on point with literally every remark. Her eye for detail and knowledge of what the proposal is meant to do have been so helpful to me. She was very flexible and worked with my timeline. Most valuable of all, she did a first-round quick read of the proposal, gave me a chance to revise it based on those general comments, and then dove in with a deep edit. I suspect most readers would not do this. I would highly highly recommend Bobbin. And thanks so much Emma!

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