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Great books improve the lives of those who read them, becomes a part of their lives and helps to make the world a better place. Imagine if you leave a legacy and impact that will be shared and remembered.

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NYT Bestseller


NYT Bestseller


NYT, WSJ Bestseller

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NYT, WSJ, SFC, Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller & HBO Series


NYT, WSJ, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller & 21st-highest-grossing film franchise of all time


NYT, Amazon, USA Today Bestseller. Ridley Scott is adapting the work for 20th Century Fox.

But don’t take our word for it, see what these authors have to say themselves about what writing a book did for them.

What we do
is not who we are

You want to write and publish a book. But there’s a problem. Books are needlessly complicated, difficult, and painful.

And it doesn’t help that life also gets in your way. It’s easy for you to get distracted. Between family and work obligations, there never seems to be enough time. And your dream book keeps getting pushed to the side.

We understand that the publishing process can be extremely overwhelming. And that maybe you’re afraid that you don’t have a book in you, or you lack confidence in your skill as a writer, or you feel intimidated that your book idea won’t be good or original.

Here’s the good news: everyone has valuable insight to offer the world—a story that inspires, entertains and makes peoples lives better. Everyone.

And you shouldn’t need a degree to tell your story. You’re already the expert of YOU. Plus, there are people out there who want to support you and help you write the best book possible.

Having the right people in your corner can make all the difference in the world. And you deserve help if you feel you would value some creative direction.

Enter Bobbin. We care about authors. We care about books. We care about readers. And we are waiting to help you make your dream of publishing your book and becoming an author a reality. Together we will help make the world a better place because your book is in it.

Who we are
is how we do it

Bobbin is an established and experienced group of various publishing professionals who teamed up to bring you accessible and competitive author services.

We are the fastest growing assisted self-publishing company in the publishing industry. We have a complete suite of services; publishing, editing, book coaching, ghostwriting, marketing, and many other services.

If you want to move fast, if you want to own your book, if you want complete creative control, and if you want the best professional book expertise that money can buy—we’re the only choice.

Don’t believe it because we say it. Believe because our track record proves it.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest authors in the world (Philip Pullman, Suzanne Collins, George RR Martin, Kevin Hart, Paula Hawkins, Colleen Hoover, etc).

Writing, publishing, and marketing books is what we do, but helping people tell their story and share their knowledge to leave a legacy of impact—that is who we are.

Discover two powerful ways you can publish a high-level professional book:

Do you want to do all the typing yourself with our guidance?
Or do you want to let Bobbin do the typing for you?

We do all the typing and we publish


How does it work?

All you have to do is get on the phone, and talk about what you already know. We interview you to get your ideas out of your head, then we handle all the typing and writing for you, but the words and ideas and voice are still entirely yours.

Includes: Book cover design, editing, proofreading, distribution and marketing.

You do all the typing, we publish

Author Academy

How does it work?

Our tribe of New York Times bestselling authors and award-winning editors will help you write your book. You’ll use our full process, but you will do the writing and typing yourself (with our guidance, coaching, and support through every step of the writing process).

Includes: Book cover design, editing, proofreading, distribution and marketing.


There are two main questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you like sitting down and writing? Do you like typing, and having your hands on the keyboard?
  • Do you have enough time to write this yourself?


If the answer to both questions is yes—you like writing and you have time—then Author Academy is probably the right option.

If the answer to both questions is no—you don’t like writing and you don’t have time—then Bobbin Elite is probably the right option.

The difficulty comes if the answer to #1 is yes (you do like writing) but the answer to #2 is no (you don’t have time). Then you’ll have to decide what gives: do you make time for writing, or do you value your time too much, and want us to do the typing for you?

What's Included in
Bobbin Services?

Below is a quick breakdown of 5 cool things you get that will help you go from an idea to a finished, published book.

You get

Dedicated Book Coach & Mentor

For authors who love writing but sometimes life gets in your way. Distractions are killing your vibe, deluding your potential, and costing you enormous amounts of time and money. You feel you could use someone in your corner, cheering you on and holding you accountable so that you finally finish you book! Your book coach is like a personal trainer for your writing life. She understands that writing can be extremely overwhelming and will guide and support you through every step of the writing process.

Included in: Bobbin Author Accelerator

You get

Award-winning Ghostwriter

For authors who don’t like writing or you just don’t have the time to sit down and write. Let Bobbin do all the typing for you so you can spend your valuable time doing what you love. All you have to do is talk. Bobbin ghostwriters have written or edited New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellers, and some have been recognized by winning Emmy Awards and Pulitzer Prizes.

Included in: Bobbin Professional, Bobbin Luminary

Bobbin Editors - The Faces of Your Books' Success

You get

Expert Editing

Your editor cares about your book as much as you do and will ensure that your words will captivate your audience so that you don’t lose their attention. Your readers will refuse to put your book down because the words will flow and keep them glued. Bobbin editors have worked with bestselling authors such as Kevin Hart, George RR Martin, Amy Poehler, Neil Gaiman, Hugh Howey, Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang and over 1000+ more.

Included in: Bobbin Premise Assessment, Bobbin Manuscript Assessment, Bobbin Author Accelerator, Bobbin Publishing, Bobbin Professional, Bobbin Luminary

You get

Beautiful Book Cover

Your book designer takes your book as seriously as you do and will make sure your cover is attractive, polished and alluring to your audience. Our book designers have created amazing book covers for several #1 New York Times Bestsellers including: The Push by Tommy Caldwell, Making the Cut by Jillian Michaels, All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth and many more!

Included in: Bobbin Elite Accelerator, Bobbin Publishing, Bobbin Professional, Bobbin Luminary

Bobbin Published Books

You get

Professional Marketing

Your book will have a marketing plan that gets you results. We won’t just leave you out there to figure it out yourself. We want your book to succeed as much as you do, and we’ll help you get it there. Our marketing experts will provide your book with a high-level marketing and promotions plan to ensure it has the reach and impact it deserves, boost word of mouth and turn your readers into red-hot raving fans. They’ll get to know, like and trust you and will buy every book you publish.

Included in: Bobbin Publishing, Bobbin Professional, Bobbin Luminary, Bobbin Book Launch

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