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Bobbin helps professionals share their knowledge by turning their ideas into professionally published books.

We've created a simple, easy, and proven process that solves the three major problems that stop authors from publishing their book: time, expertise, and marketing.

You do what you love. We'll do the rest.

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The world is waiting for your wisdom

  • Legacy - If you have children (or grandchildren), what better gift to give to them than a book written by their mother or father (or grandparent). This is more meaningful than any material gift they’ll ever receive.
  • Inspire the world - Share an important idea or piece of wisdom that helps people. This is how the world gets better—sharing knowledge and wisdom, so that people can use it and build on it. This is how you can make the world a better place—by sharing what valuable knowledge and wisdom you know, so everyone can use it.
  • Business - Let’s face it, people are impressed when they hear you’ve written a book. If you’re in a career where you regularly leave behind a business card, how about leaving behind your new book (perhaps one that illustrates some important concept of your business) instead. Writing a book is an entertaining and effective way of getting publicity, marketing a product, “furthering your personal brand" and making you tons of money.

How to make money from your book

Having a book written is an incredibly efficient and proven way to success for your lifestyle and your career. Below are 14 different ways you can leverage to turn your book into a profit-generating machine:


Consulting Services - A book is what establishes a consultant as authoritative and raises their visibility above the competition.


Paid Speaking - People have started speaking careers without books of course, but almost all professional speakers eventually write a book; and when they do, the fee they can command usually triples.


Professional Services - A book is a great way to establish your authority and show people what it would be like to work with you. Beyond that, it does a great job educating your clients on what they should expect, making your job easier.


Coaching Services - If you are a coach of any sort, chances are that people have problems differentiating between you and any other coach—what makes you the expert and why they should work with you. A book is a great way both to display your expertise and explain what your work with them would be like.


Sell a Physical Product - Go search Amazon under books for “lose weight” or “eat paleo.” You’ll see thousands of books, and a lot of them are essentially buyer’s guides for physical products like supplements, food companies, or one-off products.


Paid Community/Mastermind Groups - There are many people who have paid mastermind groups. Many of their clients want to join because they’ve written books that show everyone how much they know and what they can gain from joining their group.


Freelance Clients - If you’re a freelancer, writing a book is a no brainer. In fact, the problem is that as soon as you do a book, you get so slammed with work you can’t handle it all. If I’m looking for a freelancer, I have no idea how to pick one over the other, no idea what I’m supposed to look for or how to decide. Why not pick the one who wrote the book?


Workshops and Group Teaching - It’s quite easy to get relatively larger businesses to pay you to teach their employees what you know in a one-day workshop. Most employers know, if they pass out a book, their employees aren’t going to read it. However, if they get the author to come in, give a presentation, and answer questions for a day, they can teach the stuff. Both the book and the workshops reinforce each other. The book leads people to the workshop, and you sell copies of your book to people who come to the workshop.


Raise Money from Investors - It’s hard to raise money for projects from investors. They are trusting you with their assets, so they want to know you and understand who you are and what you believe. Once they do, they’re much more likely to want to give you their hard-earned cash.


Sell a Video Course/Information Product - If your book teaches something for which there is a high ROI for the reader, you can create what amounts to an advanced version that is delivered as a video course, charge much more money for it, then use the book to push people to that course. One of the main benefits is that while people will not pay more than about $25 for a book, they will often pay $500 or more for a video course of the exact same material. This is rational, because many people learn more easily from video and audio materials than they do from books.


Sell a Software/SaaS Product - A book is a great way for a company to sell software, especially SaaS software. The best example is HubSpot, the company that invented inbound marketing. What did they do to promote it? Among other things, they wrote a book called Inbound Marketing.


Change Careers - Even if you have no business of your own or entrepreneurial aspirations, a book can help you substantially advance your career, either within your current company or by helping you switch careers entirely.


Taxes and Write-Offs - This is a counterintuitive way to make money on your book that far too few business owners use—and you can use in addition to any of the above strategies. If you are using your book as a legitimate marketing tool to promote a business, the out of pocket costs of production are 100% deductible. That means everything you spend money on that is part of creating the book can be deducted as business marketing expenses. Just like you can deduct what you spend on Facebook ads and website designers, a book falls into the same category.


Book Sales - Book sales are not the best way to make money. But you can still make money from them. However, if you positioned your book properly (as detailed above), you don’t need to worry about selling copies—you only need to worry about how the book converts to what really matters to you. But hey—if people buy it, you have a marketing tool that makes you money. Would that be horrible?


It's not just your book,
it's your reputation.

Our publishing package has everything you need to get from a finished manuscript to a professionally published book.


✔️ Completed Book Manuscript

✔️ Published Book (Hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats included)

✔️ Full Distribution Through Major Online Retailers

✔️ AudioBook Creation & Publishing

✔️ High-Level Marketing & Promotions Strategy

✔️ You retain all rights & ownership

✔️ You keep 100% of all royalties

✔️ Your name goes on the cover


Our writers, editors and publishing insiders have worked on over +1000 books. Here are a few of the books out team has worked on (including several New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers):

See our projects


The Process

While every project requires a unique approach, here’s what the process typically involves for a book. A typical timeline of events:



1. Free Consult With Managing Editor Michael Martin

The first step, before you begin, is to make sure you have a book in you.

Note that this is not a sales call. We cannot work with everyone who applies, so this call is about determining whether or not we should work together.


2. Lighthouse Phase

You and Michael will meet for an in-depth conversation about your book.

Michael will spend a day with you mapping out the structure of your book (this includes chapter topics, the subtopics to be covered in each chapter and the key points within each of those subtopics).

In this meeting, you and Michael will both:

  • Clearly articulate what your book is about
  • Define exactly who your audience is
  • Understand precisely why that audience will care about your book
  • Specifically outline how you will use the book to benefit you

This can be done in person (if you live in New York) or over a couple of Zoom sessions.


3. Proposal & Outline Phase

Michael will verbally present to you a project proposal that you will review and verbally sign off on.

Our policy is that all proposals are presented in person if possible. If not in person, then by live-stream video. If not video, then by phone.

We will not email the proposal. We will not print and mail the proposal. Your verbal sign off is required.

Once you verbally accept the details of the project proposal, the project is a go. And we'll provide you with a written contract, a terms of service document, and your first invoice.

After all respective documents are signed (and upon receipt of initial payment), Michael will select and assign you a writer from our team.

How do you choose my writer?

When pairing writers with Authors, we look at three variables:

Q. Are they interested in or have experience with the topic of the book? Q. Will they be able to connect with the author and the material? Q. Are they excited to work with the author?

Your writer will first help you sketch out a rough skeleton outline of your book. They will conduct two to four recorded interviews with you by phone or video conferencing, which are then transcribed. Sample questions to expect:

Q. What does your audience need to understand?

Q. Are there steps to get them there? Is there a logical argument?

Q. What stories and examples do you have to support your points?

You will then revise the outline. And typically, you'll work through a few drafts together until it’s just right.

After the interviews, your writer will create an expanded book outline, anywhere from fifteen to fifty pages in length, depending on the complexity of the book. Again, there is some back and forth before arriving at the final working outline.

Watch Kevin Hart explain how the book interview process works



4. Writing & Editing Phase

Your writer will write the first chapter and then go over it with you to make sure the voice feels right before they get too far into it.

Once they nail the voice, they will retreat into their writing cave, only to emerge when the book draft is complete (usually 20,000 to 50,000 words) and ready to share with you.

After the draft is complete, it's your time to review it and provide feedback about changes.

This usually entails you reading 2 chapters, making notes, and doing a call with your writer to go over the revisions.

You get to be as involved or uninvolved as you want.

We encourage authors to “make it their own” by rewording, adding stories, and clarifying ideas.

Some clients make thousands of edits and others make two (really, we’ve had that happen).

What we love about our process is that there are rarely any major changes at this stage – because the author has signed off on the initial outline, and they are happy with the overall structure and content of the book.

Instead, feedback focuses on where to add more detail or cut things back.

Our Writers & Editors

All of our writers and editors have spent at least a decade working in books and publishing. And many of them are highly decorated—Pulitzer Prize winners, Emmy nominees and winners, New York Times Bestsellers and National Magazine Award winners.

5. Publishing & Distribution

Our team will design a professional cover and interior for the book.

We will also work with you to determine your distribution goals and retail channels--whether you want to be exclusively on Amazon or available on as many international platforms as possible.

We will provide the best options for you, handle all the account and file creation, and upload your book in preparation of your launch.

We also have access to over 39,000 physical brick and mortar retailers, libraries, schools and universities. Your book will be published in the United States, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

And unlike with regular publishers, you get all the credit and all the upside. It's your book, your credit, your money.

With Bobbin, you retain all rights and ownership. You keep 100% of all royalties.

AudioBook Creation

We do all audiobook production, development, and distribution for you.

Our Book Designers

Your book cover and manuscript interior layout will be designed by world class designers, but you have full creative control. You are getting the very best in design, because having a great book cover is a key to establishing your book as credible and professional.

6. High-Level Marketing & Promotions Strategy

Crafting a beautiful book is only part of the publishing process. Without a clear and focused marketing strategy, your book may never make it further than your own bookshelf.

Your book will have a marketing plan that gets results. We want your book to succeed as much as you do, and we'll get it there.

We will define your pre-and post-launch marketing efforts. The objective is to help you stand out from the crowd by determining which marketing channels work best for your project.

Strategies can include:

  • Email marketing: Increase the number of subscribers to your mailing list.
  • Social networks: Build your platform on the social networks that make most sense based on your genre and audience.
  • Author website design: Get help with web copy and navigation.
  • Social and display advertising: Advertising on social media or blogs/websites to sell more books or increase your number of mailing list subscribers.
  • Giveaways and promotions: Reach more readers (and capture them) through targeted price promotions and giveaways.
  • Metadata and SEO on online stores: Use the right copy, categories and keywords to get to the top of ebookstore rankings.
  • Promotion: Hire a publicist for media exposure and blog/podcast tours.

We will prepare a document of around 5 to 10 pages that will detail your plan of action. Once your plan has been designed, you will be executing it. Typically, 4-6 months before your book launch.

Our Marketing & Publicity Team

For authors who want to focus on making the most of their book to spread their message, raise their visibility, and attract clients. We focus on maximizing early sales, reviews, and rankings, all to build the foundation of early credibility for your book’s long term success.

Still have questions? Feeling nervous and unsure?

We get that! It probably feels risky. It’s your reputation on the line, after all. We take that very seriously. We totally understand that this can be super overwhelming and we're happy to talk you through it.

Which is why we offer a free consult to talk about your book idea BEFORE you sign up with us.

In the consult call, we will help you figure out the positioning of your book, and help you figure out what your book is about by running you through three questions:

  1. What result do you want this book to create for you?
  2. What audience do you want to reach?
  3. What will the book say that’ll be interesting and valuable to that audience?

We won't work with you unless we believe in your idea. We would never just take your money. Before you commit to spending a dollar, we speak to you before you sign up to make sure we're a good fit, and we'll never take your money unless we think you have a good book in you that will help the reader.

Our process does not work unless you actually have a book’s worth of ideas in your head to start. So the very first step in our process—before we start—is ensuring that you do, in fact, have a book in you.

Not everyone has a book in them, and we're happy to tell you that, if that’s the case. We only want to work with people who have a good book idea that will be interesting to readers and bring the author a clear ROI. 

In fact, we'll hurt your feelings before we let you publish a bad book. We'll always give you our honest opinion about your work and help you understand how to make it better.

The biggest unspoken fear that almost every author has is that they will embarrass themselves. Literally every author we’ve ever worked with—without exception—has had some version of this fear.

We are experts at helping authors understand their fears and work through them. We take the fears and emotions of our authors very, very seriously, as they are core to the experience of writing a book.

We understand investing in yourself and turning your ideas into a book is a BIG commitment but an important step, and we PROMISE YOU that you’ll be so glad you made it.

This is a 10x improvement over any other option that existed to get an idea out of your head and into a book.

The only thing left to do now is start. And it’s not about whether you have a great idea for a book. It’s are you finally going to do it?

So, let’s schedule a free consult call to talk about the topic of your book and your target audience. It’s not a sales call. There’s no obligation. We won’t immediately ask you for your credit card information or anything like that. But you can ask Michael any questions you may have about the process and how all this works.

Click the orange button below to fill out the short questionnaire and you and Michael will talk about your book idea.


Our Author Package is a highly customized process, designed around the needs of the author. Inquire for details.

Bobbin Author Package


$100k total

✔️ Completed Book Manuscript

✔️Published Book (Hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats included)

✔️ Full Distribution Through Major Online Retailers

✔️ AudioBook Creation & Publishing

✔️ High-Level Marketing & Promotions Strategy

✔️ You retain all rights & ownership

✔️ You keep 100% of all royalties

✔️ Your name goes on the cover

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